Shareaholic : New Way To Monetize Blog

Shareaholic : New Way To Monetize Blog

Shareaholic : New Way To Monetize Blog

Monetizing a blog to earn money is not an easy job. There are many ways to monetize a blog and money. Some of them are using AdSense , Affiliate marketing , Sponsors etc.

But you never heard name of a site called Shareaholic . From this site you can earn money by showing related content on your blog and also by showing sharing buttons. It is very different from all other site as it does not show any banner or ads on your blog. You also did not need to copy/paste a code. It is very easy to use and can make you earn handsome amount of money.


It works on a very simple process. You just need to open  and sign up for it. It is a free site and after signing in you need to connect your website . You can use shareaholic WordPress plugin for easy  setup. After connecting your site just follow the instructions.


1.  Open Shareaholic and sign up.
2. After signing up click on add your site .

Shareaholic : New Way To Monetize Blog

3. Now add you domain name and your site name.

Shareaholic : New Way To Monetize Blog

4. Then Click on the ads that you want to show on your blog .


If you do not want to show related content then, you can use its awesome sharing button features that adds sharing button at the bottom of each post, page and downloads.

This helps in increasing your website traffic by allowing readers to share you post, page or downloads.

Shareaholic : New Way To Monetize Blog


Please comment and share .If I missed something you can tell me in comments section.

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