How to check your website speed insights

How to check your website speed insights :

How to check your website speed insights

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Have you been running a website over 6 months and you want to what is the speed of your site. Don’t worry , checking site speed now a days has become very easy. But before this you need to know why site speed is necessary to check.


Checking your website speed is very useful as it helps you to know where your site lacks on performance . However most of the people leave a site which takes more than 4 second to load . So, maintaining your site speed can also increase your traffic and page views.


As I said checking site is very easy now a days. There are many sites which offer online tests for your site. But I check my site from Google site speed test. We can all trust Google and I believe that Google gives genuine results.


      1. First of all Go to this Google link HERE.
      2. Then , enter you site URL along with www and click on run tests.
      3. It will show you two results: Mobile speed and Desktop speed result.

After that you can check where your site stands and you can also improve your site speed.

How to check your website speed insights

There are many sites that run test on your site . Some of them are –>

But I recommend you Google speed test for genuine results . You can also check other sites for speed results.

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