How To Create An Awesome WordPress Blog


How To Create An Awesome WordPress Blog

Hey guys, Today we will be going to talk that how to make and awesome wordpress blog that can earn handsome amount of money.Follow the following instruction step by step to make an and awesome wordpress blog.

First Step : Choose your Niche

The first step to start a blog is to find on what topic you are going to start your blog. It can be marketing tips, Tech Blog, Travel , Food or anything that suits you best. The best way to find your niche is to relate it with your hobbies. Your interests in something can be your Niche.

Second Step : Buy a Domain :

After you had selected your Niche then second step is to buy a Domain name. Remember always choose a Domain name that is to remember by users and is not so long in length and with .com extension . You can buy a Domain from any Domain Registration sites like Bluehost , GoDaddy etc. I recommend you to buy Domain with GoDaddy as it very cheap and with 24/7 customer support. It will cost you Rs.99/month. If you want a Domain Free for First year you can send me and email as I have one Domain with me and I can transfer it to you.

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Third Step : Buy a WebHosting Plan :

After registering a Domain name , you will need to buy a Web Hosting plan. As we are going to make a wordpress blog so try to buy WordPress hosting plan . From GoDaddy it will cost you Rs.1270/year with a Free Domain name.

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Fourth Step : Setting Up WordPress :

It is the fourth and the most important step that will run your blog smoothly. Select the right theme for your blog and do the following steps:

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  2. Install the Essential Plugins. (Read : How to Install WordPress Plugins)

After doing the following steps your Blog is Ready but wait don’t get excited one last step is left that will improve you SEO ranking. Install a plugin called Yoast SEO .

Do let us know if you want to add any specific WordPress topics into this WordPress guide.

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