6 Tips You Must Follow For WordPress Website

6 Tips You Must Follow For WordPress Website

6 Tips You Must Follow For WordPress Website

WordPress is the king of blogging. Every high quality website is hosted by WordPress. If you are also one of those then you must These 8 WordPress Tips to increase the growth of your website. If you haven’t made a WordPress blog then you can check the following to create an awesome WordPress blog.

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WordPress Tip #1 : Mobile Friendly

6 Tips You Must Follow For WordPress Website

If you have created a blog and it is not getting views/traffic then this can be one reason. You must make your website mobile friendly. To make your website mobile friendly just install a theme that is mobile friendly and looks great on mobiles , tabs etc.

You can test your Website whether it is Mobile Friendly or not : Google Mobile Friendly Test

WordPress Tip #2 : Phone Number And Address Are Clickable

The second thing you must do is that make your phone number and address details clickable. You can do it by choosing a theme that supports it. If you are thinking that it is of no use then I must tell you that you are wrong . Making phone number and address clickable can make you customers to contact you easily.

WordPress Tip #3 : Social Media

6 Tips You Must Follow For WordPress Website

Google really like Websites that are getting traffic from social media sites. You can increase your website traffic and search engine results better by making your social media profiles. Also this social media profiles will also promote your Website posts or products.

Note : Always add a medium large social icons on your website to directly connect your readers to your social profiles.

WordPress Tip #4 : Major Landing Page

You must make a Main Landing Page for your website . This will allow readers to know what your website is about and what work are you doing on your website. For e.g  My Website is about Making Money Online and Online Marketing . So I have made a homepage that shows people that what my website is about and How to Make Money Online. You can check the screenshot below —>

6 Tips You Must Follow For WordPress Website

Note : Never check  “Show Latest Blog Posts” on your Homepage.

WordPress Tip #5 : SEO

6 Tips You Must Follow For WordPress Website

It is the most important part for a website. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Always publish a post after checking that is your Post SEO friendly. Check this by installing the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin.

You can check : SEO Tips to improve Search Engine results to #1

WordPress Tip #6 : Google Analytics

6 Tips You Must Follow For WordPress Website

The last and the final suggestion is that you must make a Google Analytics account. Google Analytics helps you to check Whether your site is getting traffic or not or How much traffic are you getting. This will really really help you as you can know that Which topics on your website are getting more readers/traffic. Google analytics will also tell you from which country you are getting traffic and from which browser and many more things . So you must Make Google Analytics account for your Website.

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