How to Install WordPress Plugins


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How To Install WordPress Plugins :

In this guide I will tell you How To Install WordPress Plugins and The Most Essential Plugins to Install.

There are many methods to install WordPress plugins . The easiest way is the search and install plugin.

  • Search and Install (METHOD 1)

By using the WordPress search and install software a you can easily install a plugin by searching it and then installing it. Remember always read the documentation of the Plugin .

1.Open WordPress dashboard and click on plugins and select Add new.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

2. Search and Install the desired Plugin .

How to Install WordPress Plugins


The second method is Upload and Install. In this method you can download plugins from or any other site and upload it in WordPress.

1.  Open WordPress dashboard and Click on add new.

2. Click on Upload to Upload the plugin.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

After uploading plugins Activate the Plugin and enjoy!!!

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